My name is Andrea, and I moved to California 10 years ago as a traveling Occupational Therapy Assistant. With the tax breaks, it was a great way to pay off my loans. However, as the price of rooms soared, it no longer behooved me to travel. Many travelers have a home (mortgage) and family, making it difficult to compete with vacation rental prices.

COVID has physically removed over 150,000 healthcare workers from our field, and traumatized maybe more. Many have chosen different careers.

Those of us still working hands-on are in desperate need for the traveler to come back. The only way for this to happen is for them to be offered a reasonably priced place to stay.

A travel assignment usually runs 2-13 weeks. I love answering questions and, thank you in advance for your obvious care and concern for your community.

So sincerely,
Andrea Jones - Proprietor


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